Highlights (all levels)


  • Daily surflessons
  • 11 nights accommodation + breakfast in local restaurant
  • 10 days board rental
  • 6 Surfaris: enhance your skills and discover different surfspots
  • Different instructors allow you to know more about different surfstyles (ES/EN)
  • 1 SUP daytrip to Yelapa
  • Welcome and farewell dinner

10 days surf camp

OCEANO Adventures, located in the heart of surferstown Sayulita, provides surf camps where you learn the basics of surfing as well as refine your technical skills. Our experienced and passioned surf instructors will be your guide in small groups of surfers. An introduction in different surfspots of the coastline of Nayarit will make your surf experience complete!


In our 10-day surfcamp we focus on giving you a profound surf training for anyone who is interested in surf, wants to practice skills in surfing and is into a varied and fun training program!


Activity details


On your day of arrival our taxi service picks you up at the airport (optional) to introduce you to beautiful little town Sayulita. Immediately you will fall in love with the open and friendly atmosphere; once well settled in your place of stay we recommend you to discover the lovely handmade artwork markets and shops, to enjoy afterwards a delicious Mexican welcome dinner in town.


Our camp starts the next day in downtown Sayulita where you will meet your instructor and will get your gear set up. There are different kinds of boards according to different skill levels. Once you are ready, we take you to Sayulita's main beach just 2 blocks away.


On the 1st day you start with an introduction on the beach to learn about the basic principles, gear, ocean conditions, spot, surf etiquette, and the proper way to paddle, pop up and ride waves. After this you will jump into the water to practice what you learned before with your instructor, to catch waves for 1.5 hours. Once you complete this, you can take a rest and come back later to the shop to pick up the board and use it as long as your arms allow you.


On the 2nd day, We will take you on a 4x4, and go around the coast to look for the best surf spot to continue your training. South of Sayulita we have Punta de Mita where you will find different breaks to do the second step. This day you will paddle out to learn how to read the ocean conditions and choose the best wave to your level. This will take around 4 hours. After this you will go back to Sayulita where you can take a rest and, like the day before, pick up your board to keep practicing in Sayulita.

Day 3-8 will be an adventure of exploring different surf spots and practice your skills taking in count the conditions of each spot: height, type of breaking, velocity of the wave, left or right-hand wave. "La Lancha" is one of the best surf spots around with many point and beach breaks, where everyone of your group will find the perfect condition to your actual surf level. In this part of your training you must to be ready for bigger waves, the instructor will be with you all time in the water to help to choose your wave and be safe. If necessary he will give you a little push to catch your wave easier, and step by step you´ll be able to do it by yourself.


We organize a daytrip (day 9 – depending on ocean conditions we might schedule this tour earlier) to take a break of surfing and exploring on SUP the beauty of Yelapa. SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) is a great work-out for the whole body and it´s incredibly fun.


On the 10th and last day, you will put all together to enjoy a nice last surf session as safe as can be. You will be ready to choose the perfect spot for your surf level. You will paddle out to reach the line to be ready to choose and catch your own waves; the instructor will assist you when needed but the waves will be yours!


You can use all boards that are available and switch them around until you find the perfect board for you. We invite you with pleasure for a nice dinner at La Rustica to look back with satisfaction on a memorable surf experience. All good things come to an end so on the next day, your day of departure you will pack your stuff and our (optional) taxi service will take you safely back to the airport.





OCEANO Adventures offers comfortable bungalows on just two block away from the beach and 1 block from our office.  They have a double bedroom with kitchen, bathroom and rooftop terrace. If you are searching for some privacy and relax after surf, this is the perfect accommodation for you.


Bonito Sayulita




This option is for surfers who are looking for a place to relax but also to meet like-minded people in an friendly atmosphere just one block from the beach and 1 block from our office. We offer dorms of 4, 8 and 10 beds, clean bathrooms and common kitchen. The hammocks in the garden are waiting for you!



Daily schedule


  • At 8 am you wake up and take your breakfast in one of the local restaurants in Sayulita.
  • At 10 am your instructors will be waiting for you in the office to start your surf lesson or take you on surfari.
  • Lunchtime after a good surf session: delicious and cheap Mexican tortas, burritos, tacos … plenty of choice in Sayulita.


You can relax after your class or take up your board to practice surf on your own. In the office of OCEANO adventures you will discover a lot of possibilities for activities (optional). We can help you find the best activity fit for you!


  • Evening: Don´t miss an opportunity to see an amazing sunset at the beach!


Different SURF SPOTS of the coastline of Nayarit


Sayulita's main beach got perfect mellow waves for beginners at the right side; With its sandy bottom it´s an excellent spot to practice your pop up and posture.


At the Point, you´ll find bigger waves to ride on the right; fun and challenge for all levels guaranteed! When there are bigger waves at the Point, you will also find a good surf spot at the left side of the beach and just 2 min walking distance. Waves break at the left and often this spot is less busy than the Point.


Waves can break in the bay all year round with the best months being December through early April, as that is when the north swells hit.


La Lancha


This is a paradise of white sand beach surrounded by tropical jungle in the Riviera Nayarit. Accessible either by sea or land, La Lancha offers excellent surf break for beginners and experienced surfers which make this destination with its beautiful landscape an unforgettable place.


El Anclote


Punta de Mita is one of the places known worldwide for surfing and El Anclote is one of the best surf spots, just a 20 min drive south from Sayulita. Suitable right-hand waves for all levels especially for lovers of long boards and long rides that take you all the way to the beach!




This beautiful beach is one of de most favourite surf spots in the area not without reason. It offers nice surf sessions for beginners when the waves are small, and epic surf sessions for intermediates and advanced surfers when bigger.


Punto Burros offers right-hand waves by a rocky reef break. Rocks are covered in algues and 2-3 ft under sea level so no big threat. The waves are fairly consistent through the year with the best period in winter months.


La Caleta


La Caleta is a hidden surf spot near Chacala, about 1 hour north of Sayulita. Best way to reach this place is by boat. In a small bay waves break fairly consistent on the left Intermediates and advanced will surely enjoy the left-hand waves; the bigger the cleaner they get. On a good day they give you rides with the length of a football field!

What is Included in the Price



  • 9 daily surflessons with 7 Surfaris to different spots
  • 1 SUP daytrip to Yelapa
  • Welcome and farewell dinner
  • 10 days board rental
  • 11 nights accommodation + breakfast in local restaurant
  • Light refreshments
  • Different profesional instructors EN/ES
  • Small-group lessons
  • Transport to surfspots by private vehicle



  • Optional extras
  • Airfare
  • Airport transfer
  • Gratuities to instructors
  • Souvenir photos (available to purchase)


Additional info

  • Confirmation will be received at time of booking
  • Not recommended for pregnant women, participants with back problems, heart complaints or other serious medical conditions

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