> What kind of fins do you use: full foot or open foot with booties?

For scuba diving we use mainly full fins but we do have a couple of booties in s, m, l, and xl to use if necessary. For snorkeling activities fins are restricted to preserve the coral reef.

> What is the current water temperature?

Through the year temperatures varies between 62-86 °F/17-30 °C.

From May till December we will have warmer temperatures between 78 – 86° F/25 – 30°C. From January on till April temperature can get a bit colder: 62 – 75° F/17 – 24°C.

> Are wetsuits included and what type of wetsuit do you use?

In winter months (December till May) we include high quality wetsuits in our scuba diving tours. We have 5 mm jumpsuits made from double-lined neoprene in both men and women sizes at our disposal. If you would like to wear a wetsuit in any other time of the year, please contact us in advance. An extra cost of 10 usd will be charged. For snorkel tours in winter months we recommend to wear a wetsuit jacket/top or even a T-shirt might get you more comfortable. For surfing we include rashguards in any time of the year to protect you from possible rashes.

> Do you arrange private tours?

Yes we do! We offer you a private boat tour for you and your company, a personalized service and hotel pick up from Sayulita. Please contact us for more information and prices.

> Do you offer tours where divers and snorkelers can be in the same boat?

Yes we can combine divers and snorkelers on the same boat: Divers will be guided by our dive instructor while snorkelers get the opportunity to explore with our snorkel guide.

> How many people do you usually have on a boat?

We have different boats to our disposal depending on how big the group is: Mama Juana has places up to 6 passengers, Mama Juana 1 has places up to 8 passengers and Papa Juana has places up till 10 passengers (crew not included).

>Does your party count more persons?

Let us know in advance so we can organize your boats!

> How many divers are assigned to a dive Instructor?

We follow PADI standards: 4 divers to 1 professional dive instructor.

> Are there any specific days you recommend going scuba diving or snorkeling?

The National Park of the Marietas Islands gets busier at weekends: Saturdays and Sundays. The Park is closed on Monday so if you would like to visit this particular spot we definitely recommend to book our tours during the week.

> I have never done scuba before but am excited to try it! My friend has gone diving already in different places and is very comfortable doing it. What type of class should we take?

We have a Discover Scuba Diving program which is a half a day tour and perfectly suited for beginners, as well as for anyone who is not certified yet. You´ll always be in company of a professional dive instructor whether you have already some experience or not. We include a pool class of about 1 hr. to get some basic principles and do a 1-tank dive from the boat of about 30-45 min. For more information check our scuba diving programs.

> I am afraid of sharks! Are there any sharks around?

Don´t worry! Although there are sharks living at some places in the Bay of Banderas, they rarely show themselves to people and we´ve never had any cases of attacks in this area.

> Is there a price difference for English spoken instructors?

In our service is included a guide or instructor that speaks both EN/ ES.

Any other questions? Please contact us and we´ll be glad to help you!